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Garden, terrace and open spaces design projects. Make nature your ally. A great design does not involve a large outlay

Image by Dim Hou


Advice and conceptual ideas to help you in the design of your outdoor spaces.


Plans, reference images, colors, textures and some perspective so that the idea is well expressed.

€ 100 more

€ 10 / m2

IVA inc.

Image by Cameron Smith


A complete landscaping project: detailed plans, hyper-realistic renderings, vegetation and furniture details (with their links for purchase), well-detailed finishes and colors.


A project ready to run.

200 € more

€ 15 / m2

IVA inc.

Image by Albert


An ADVANCE project adding to the convenience of someone running it for you, solving any unforeseen events and keeping you informed at all times of what is happening.


Let them do it for you, it is very comfortable.

On budget

6 - 10%

IVA inc.





Some garden styles

Some examples of styles or adaptations of gardens that are setting trends. They are not all, but it is a good starting point to decide how we want our natural space to be. Also interesting are the Andalusian gardens with a predominance of vases and pots, the vertical gardens ... which are ideal solutions for terraces, interior patios ...

Jardín mediterraneo.jpg

Mediterranean garden

Great versatility and adaptation to different climates, it does not require excessive care and consumes a moderate level of water. A guaranteed success.

Jardín seco.jpg


An excellent choice for an eco-sensitive garden. Well designed it can reach zero water consumption. It can surprise you with spectacular blooms.

Jardín inglés.jpg


An excellent balance between the wild and the tame. A lush garden but neat enough to enjoy it.

Not suitable for all climates.

Jardín minimalista.jpg


Ideal for confined spaces. Helps to zone and simplify green areas. Well thought out it becomes a vivid picture through your windows.

Jardín tropical.jpg


Deep green, large leaves and a jungle feeling. The tropical garden is a very lush option for well-protected areas or interior patios. High water consumption.

Jardín contemporáneo.jpg

Contemporary style

Perfect for modern spaces taking advantage of the architecture and zoning the spaces. Usually mixed with the Mediterranean style.

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